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HOW TO MAKE your own personalised, fresh, organic FACIAL BALM


I was asked the other week if I sold my products in large batches. 

My answer was no


My philosophy and principles around our skincare is that not only should our products be made chemically free with only natural and organic ingredients, but they MUST also:

  • Be personalised to our individual needs both emotionally and physically to support and target your own personal concerns. 
  • Be as FRESH as your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Made to order and used within a fresh timeline, only using natural preservatives. 


Our Skin is the largest organ of our body and we should treat it as sensitively as our own stomach. 

Really, honestly ask yourself, how many of your current products are over 6 months old...shock...over 12 months really honest...can you even remember when you bought it? Was it a few years ago? and it's STILL in your cupboard?! 

I've totally been there and done the exact same thing! But it still looks fresh, smells...

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