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YOU knew when they landed on your chest they needed your touch. 

YOU knew it would be your hands to stroke, soothe and help them to feel calm and safe.

YOU knew it would be your arms to cuddle and squeeze them when they needed to feel secure and supported.

YOU knew it would be your heartbeat they would feel when laying on your chest, the vibration they needed to feel connected. 

YOU knew your physical bond was ESSENTIAL to your baby's SURVIVAL. 

YOU did not need to be told this. 

YOUR BODY knew what it needed to do. 

YOUR BODY always knows what your child needs...

YOU have always been responding to your child's emotional and physical needs from your own natural internal instincts. 

YOU were the one to feel the intensity of their cries when your body was responding with an increasing heartrate and shock when woken multiple times in the night. 

A parent and child connection is a bond that is instinctive. 

YOUR reactions are based on theirs.


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