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Working in a COVID-SECURE Way

Delighted to now be in a position to update you all on how I will be working in a COVID-SECURE way going forward. 

The UK Government announced on July 9th 2020, that our professional Industry will re-open again from July 22nd. 

I am now accepting August bookings for Reflexology only at this time. I have assessed this Therapy to be the safest therapy for both of us. As and when further restrictions can be lifted, I will be able to open up further treatments. Hopefully by September.

As a full member of the Association of Reflexologists, you are assured that I work professionally, safely and to the highest standard. 

I proudly advertise the official AOR stamp of membership + working in a Secure Covid Safe way.

I have completed all the necessary training and updates to my work environment to ensure you're safe in my care, including the completion of the latest Barbicide Certificate for working during times of infection control. 

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