Samantha Jane Reflexology PERTH, Scotland
Helping Busy/Exhausted Mums/Women with their Health & Wellbeing - Come and JOIN my Community Group
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A little bit about me and my story

Samantha Jane
My Treatment Room @ Glencarse Home Farm, Glencarse, Perth, Scotland


Welcome to Samantha Jane Reflexology.

It is both my passion and pleasure to share with you alternative, complementary therapies to promote inner healing by restoring balance and harmony to your mind and body.

Observing how our new world is changing at a pace, a pace much faster than evolution of the human body can cope with, it is essential, now more than ever that we learn how to use natural materials and methods, along with massage techniques, thousands of years old to support our bodies. 


Physical connection is vital for optimal health and survival.

I help coach busy, overwhelmed mum to relax, balance and revive themselves and their children, alleviating both internal and external stresses, returning you back to your natural equilibrium, to protect you from stress which can cause illness.

I have created BETTER BEDTIMES - My unique blended 8 Week Signature Online...

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