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HOW TO MAKE your own personalised, fresh, organic FACIAL BALM


I was asked the other week if I sold my products in large batches. 

My answer was no


My philosophy and principles around our skincare is that not only should our products be made chemically free with only natural and organic ingredients, but they MUST also:

  • Be personalised to our individual needs both emotionally and physically to support and target your own personal concerns. 
  • Be as FRESH as your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Made to order and used within a fresh timeline, only using natural preservatives. 


Our Skin is the largest organ of our body and we should treat it as sensitively as our own stomach. 

Really, honestly ask yourself, how many of your current products are over 6 months old...shock...over 12 months really honest...can you even remember when you bought it? Was it a few years ago? and it's STILL in your cupboard?! 

I've totally been there and done the exact same thing! But it still looks fresh, smells great, hasn't gone 'funny!'.....NO....because it's filled with so many CHEMICALS. It may as well be plastic! 

It will last forever, it may have a 'best before' date on it, but it's still in your cupboard. We hold onto it, because it was expensive, or I might use it one day! 



YOUR SKIN eliminates 1/4 of your body's waste matter - Detox. 

YOUR SKIN excretes approximately 1 Pound of such waste matter EVERY DAY! 


But we don't see it, hear it, we sometimes smell it (sorry but it's true)...

and we often take this for granted! Out of sight, out of mind! 

My mother was queen of beauty products, had them all, shopped on QVC weekly, believed what she was using was good for her...stored many products for years, some used, some not used...

Sadly, she's not here anymore to agree with me or tell you herself! 

The truth is, we're still learning so much about Cancer, we still don't really know its cause, but we do know chemicals are extremely dangerous. 


Laws in the multi-billion Fragrance world, mean that product makers are requested to label the ingredients on their products, but not requested to label all of them? Especially when it comes to fragrance? They don't actually, by law, have to tell you how they made the fragrance part of the product? 

I didn't know this until recently when researching how to label my own products. 


YOUR SKIN receives 1/3 of all blood circulated in the body.

YOUR SKIN is the LAST organ to receive nutrients in the body but the FIRST to show an imbalance or deficiency. 

Here's the truth...

Even companies who claim their products are natural are often found not to be. 

That's why, since becoming an Aromatherapist and learning this for myself, I truly would now only order fresh handmade products for my body, just as I would for my dinner in a restaurant. 


I love my community of women who feel the same way and follow my work. 

I believe in sharing my recipes with you so YOU have the choice. 

You can choose to create and make your own recipes at home if you would enjoy doing this for yourself as do I...

Or you can ask me to personally make something for you, your family or friends. You can find my ONLINE SHOP LINK HERE.

Enjoy my above video, showing you how I make my lovely facial balm which you've been raving about and asking me for. 

I hope you enjoy! 

“ first I was sceptical about how an all over body balm would have any benefit to my dry flaky skin. I've used Epiderm, Aveeno and various other products over the years. Within three applications of Sam's body balm on my worst areas of eczema (knees and elbows), I could already see and feel a difference. The are was soft and no longer flaking with the affected area reducing in size daily. I couldn't recommend the product enough and with the small amount needed per application, the pot will last for a long (a nice glass pot too)! I love it and it smells amazing! I ordered her calm and relaxing blend to help calm my skin. ”


Ashley Kilpatrick


“A regular client of Samantha’s now, it’s the highlight of my week, every week! Having missed my visits so much during lockdown, I’ve been watching Sam’s live videos and practicing a couple of reflexology moves myself at home. I then decided to purchase the facial balm and have to say it’s already one of the most beautiful and cherished products on my dressing table! Amazing product, as great as anything I’ve ever purchased at twice the price, and to know it’s been made especially for me; that’s just priceless ❤️”


Emma Simpson



Take care of your skin and be aware of what you're putting on it. 

I'd love to hear from you, share your thoughts below :)

Take Care, 

Samantha Jane

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