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A little bit about me and my story

Samantha Jane
My Treatment Room @ Glencarse Home Farm, Glencarse, Perth, Scotland


Welcome to Samantha Jane Reflexology.

It is both my passion and pleasure to share with you alternative, complementary therapies to promote inner healing by restoring balance and harmony to your mind and body.

Observing how our new world is changing at a pace, a pace much faster than evolution of the human body can cope with, it is essential, now more than ever that we learn how to use natural materials and methods, along with massage techniques, thousands of years old to support our bodies. 


Physical connection is vital for optimal health and survival.

I help coach busy, overwhelmed mum to relax, balance and revive themselves and their children, alleviating both internal and external stresses, returning you back to your natural equilibrium, to protect you from stress which can cause illness.

I have created BETTER BEDTIMES - My unique blended 8 Week Signature Online Family Coaching Programme designed to teach you how to do Reflexology together as a family to help your children and yourselves sleep more easily, more deeply, relieve anxieties, fears and improve connection to you which helps form better relationships as well as security and self-confidence.

As well as learning the techniques, my 8 Week Signature Programme also includes 8 weekly coaching sessions with me personally, supporting and guiding parents through key parenting/health issues with the aim of transforming every family members Health and Wellbeing as well as lifetime guidance, tips and support within my parent Community Group. 

Why did I create this wonderful course?

I am passionate about the importance of understanding how stress, anxiety and trauma effects our bodies physically from our emotions.

During my teaching career it was evident that parents needed a way to help their children feel safe, calm, confident and have tools to manage anger, frustration, sadness, nerves, anxiety and stress which ultimately does effect performance and relationships.

But we weren't teaching parents how to do this! I couldn't do that from a classroom setting, so here I am. 

Secondly, Mums in my local area asked me to get my course online from local parent and child classes after great success. 

They wanted their husbands to learn it too so they could do it on the children as well as them (who doesn't want that?).

That's where it started.

Other families who also wanted to attend classes, but couldn't, can now access my programme online at home in their own time. This was the perfect solution for them.

I also continue delivering one to one therapy treatments for my local clients which I absolutely adore! Here's our wee treatment room...

Samantha  Rix BEd MAR O.A Dip

Perth, Scotland - Serving Perth, Glencarse, St. Madoes, Errol, Bridge of Earn, Dundee areas.

Educational Courses and Training Online

Families ~ Education ~ Corporate


My Background

I qualified as a Primary School teacher back in 2007 and have since enjoyed a wonderful career in education both in the UK and Malaysia.

I was lucky enough to be asked to work for a brilliant International British Primary School in Penang, where I worked and lived for 3 years from 2011.

During my wonderful experience abroad, I was introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine when exploring my own self-care and wellbeing routine.

This is where my own personal love and learning of Reflexology started.

Once I had discovered how reflexes on the feet corresponded to internal body organs and the truly relaxing and holistic feeling of relief I experienced, settling my own emotions, anxiety, balancing my hormones, improving my insomnia and the complete tension release from my long working hours, I was hooked!

I love teaching and I still teach online as a private tutor when needed to support children with their English, Maths and Piano. I'm known by local mums as the one you go to for your massage therapy, your skincare products and help for homework!

A mum's best friend!


So why Reflexology and Complementary Therapies?




We don't realise how our body stores and remembers trauma.

We don't realise that our body responds physically first, followed by thinking which can cause anxiety and overwhelm.

We don't realise that we can release this stored tension, easily, lovingly and in such a simple way.

We don't realise the power of human touch.

We don't appreciate how necessary it is for our emotional happiness and survival. a teacher, I realised we don't teach it!

This is when I decided to change that up! 

I believe passionately that we should be educating our children more about Mental Health, why we feel the way we do on a cellular level, to truly understand our emotions and physical responses.


It truly helps remove self-blame which is key to progress, healing and moving forward.

We simply do not teach it this way and it's my passion and calling to ensure we do.

I believe that this starts at home.

As parents, we can raise secure, self-confident children to become resilient, balanced adults who are equipped with self-care tools, techniques and strategies that will support them through life.

Life is filled with many challenges...break-ups, divorce, loss and grief, stress, work pressure, parenting, maybe single parenting (I raise my hand!)

The list is endless.

If I was raised with the knowledge I know now about my body and how it really, truly works and responds to stress (I'm 35), perhaps the last decade of my life would've felt very different. 

I am grateful for everything I have experienced so far.

It has truly provided me with the knowledge and experience to now support those going thought the same.

I wouldn't be the coach or therapist I am today for my clients without having experienced literally all of the above!

I am open about my experiences, especially having Post-natal depression after losing my mother suddenly to cancer (at the young age of 52), when my son was 2 months old.

Becoming a mother for the first time, whilst losing my own was my personal dark moment.

Physical therapy helped me through it and I literally got the sadness, overwhelm, anger and loneliness rubbed out of me! And it worked...

I've never looked back.

I rejected the second offering of anti-depressants and I have fully committed to helping and supporting others find a natural release ever since. 

When dealing with some of these events over the years, which do impact our bodies on a traumatic level, I would've perhaps been able to cope better and save myself thousands of pounds in expensive therapy, legal advice bills, family court, divorce or medications by handling myself, my choices, my decisions and  my emotions in a very different way.  

Notice I said 'my!' 

None of these events happened to me. They happened. That's life!

But they affected me internally and my response to them was mine, my responsibility and the only thing I could do something about for myself.

So I invested into myself, my own self-care and I learnt everything I could.

I retrained as  a Clinical Reflexologist, Aromatherapist and Physical Therapist, combined my careers together and here we are!

Are you looking for a different approach to help you?

When YOU decide to CHOOSE to find another way through, when YOU'RE READY, whatever you're currently struggling with, you will want to choose a coach to help you.

A coach to help you transform how you're showing up for yourself and your family.

When you do, take the time to research that Coach as well as their approach.

Follow them on social media, join their group (mine is and decide for yourself first by observing how they're showing up, what they're saying and which methods they use. 

Coaching is a powerful investment into your own growth and self development, but it's greater than yourself.

It will impact everybody you love positively as well. That's where the real transformation happens. Like a beautiful pebble creating a ripple effect.

I do offer a premium 1 to 1 coaching service to families who are fully committed and ready for change but prefer and need a one to one approach. 

However, if personal coaching is not possible for you, but you're definitely ready for a positive transformation for your family then my 8 Week Signature Online Family Coaching Programme is the one for you.

My 8 Week Signature Reflexology Family Coaching Programme - £595

BETTER BEDTIMES - Help your children sleep more easily, more deeply, reduce anxiety, fears, behaviour, increase connection to you and raise self-confidence security.

This is one the best ways to access family coaching. If you're comfortable with small groups and learning together online as a community, then this could is the perfect option for you.

It's also a lovely way to make friends and feel heard and understood.

Just knowing there are others out there having the same struggles and being able to connect with them and create new friendships is powerful in itself. 

I work best with clients who are passionate about Natural Physical Therapies and learning physical massage techniques to help release stored trauma and improve their relationships with their children and loved ones with physical connection blended with Mindset Coaching. 

The mind and body is intertwined.

Often, we forget about the body and we focus on mind/talking therapies.

This is not my approach. 

This investment is not for you if you're not able to commit the time and consistency needed to fully embed these routines and techniques into your daily family practise.

All members have LIFETIME access to the programme content and group support so you can take longer than the 8 weeks to complete.

We all have busy lives, but this is ONLY for you if you can embed the routines and strategies consistently.

Believe me, I invested the time to learn and now it's a skill that I can use whenever I need to.

I use Reflexology with my son every night and he has always had the best sleep. It supported his nightmares, bed-wetting and if he's feeling anxious, angry or frustrated, I use the routines then as well.

As a four year old, he can communicate to me what he needs, how he feels and requests to have his feet done so he can relax.

Imagine that...raising self-aware, confident and secure children who can communicate their needs and ask for it.

 How do I join?

If you're ready and you're truly committed for a real, transformative change in your family's habits, routine and relation to one another, then:

Step 1 - sign up for my FREE offering HERE. This is where your journey starts.

Step 2 - Join my Facebook Group HERE where I deliver regular content, tips, advice and support so you can get to know me and interact with me. 

Programme Open Dates: When my programme is open to accept new families, (as I can only personally coach small groups at a time to ensure the best support for you) then you can join.

Joining dates tend to run roughly every 8 weeks throughout the year. I advertise when these are in my Facebook Group so make sure you join me here.

This FREE offering gives you a nice, short and relaxing routine to begin with whilst you're waiting for my Programme doors to open. 

Sign up for a FREE 15 Minute Routine

How to help your child get to sleep more easily and deeply. A routine that you can implement now every night before bed to get your started and if you're ready to join me for your transformation, we can go from here. 


For more information on Premium 1 to 1 coaching services or training courses for education or corporate wellbeing, please contact me directly at

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