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HOW TO MAKE your own personalised, fresh, organic FACIAL BALM


I was asked the other week if I sold my products in large batches. 

My answer was no


My philosophy and principles around our skincare is that not only should our products be made chemically free with only natural and organic ingredients, but they MUST also:

  • Be personalised to our individual needs both emotionally and physically to support and target your own personal concerns. 
  • Be as FRESH as your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Made to order and used within a fresh timeline, only using natural preservatives. 


Our Skin is the largest organ of our body and we should treat it as sensitively as our own stomach. 

Really, honestly ask yourself, how many of your current products are over 6 months old...shock...over 12 months really honest...can you even remember when you bought it? Was it a few years ago? and it's STILL in your cupboard?! 

I've totally been there and done the exact same thing! But it still looks fresh, smells...

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LIVE in MIB - Mums in Business International


Last week on Saturday 8th August, I was given the fantastic opportunity to share a short routine with all the Mums in the amazing MIB Community.

The empowerment network for Mums/Women in Business with over 60k members, founded by Leona Burton. 

This was such a pleasure because this community are mums who are heroes at raising their children and providing for their families, whilst running their own businesses.

This can be TOUGH so I took the opportunity to show them a short a routine that would help assist them improve their child's SLEEP, ANXIETY, BEHAVIOUR and CONNECTION. 


I am delighted at the kind responses from mums who NEEDED to see this and SO GRATEFUL that they could try something new to help them! Some mums said:


'Wow this was amazing to watch and learn how to do this to my sons they both have autism and suffer with anxiety I'm sure this would help them relax.'


'You are officially my hero  what an awesome thing to post.'



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How to help relieve BACK PAIN - 3 KEY Hand Reflex Points


It's fair to say that sometimes we can't reach our own feet, sometimes we don't have a partner at home that can help us and sometimes either we don't like our feet to be touched (not me!!) or others don't like it. 


Reflexology also is just as powerful and very relaxing on the hands too!? 

Our feet, hands, face and ears are where we can find our nerve endings. 

When we stimulate our nerve endings with specific massage, at certain points we send lovely messages to our brain to release tension and happy chemicals to help internal healing to those corresponding body parts. 

We also clear the debris, rub out blockages and allow our blood and lymph circulation to run freely without a traffic jam of toxins in rubbish slowing it down. 

Hand Reflexology is lovely, so here are 3 KEY Reflex Points to help support BACK PAIN. 





Ask questions or share your thoughts below and I'll...

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YOU knew when they landed on your chest they needed your touch. 

YOU knew it would be your hands to stroke, soothe and help them to feel calm and safe.

YOU knew it would be your arms to cuddle and squeeze them when they needed to feel secure and supported.

YOU knew it would be your heartbeat they would feel when laying on your chest, the vibration they needed to feel connected. 

YOU knew your physical bond was ESSENTIAL to your baby's SURVIVAL. 

YOU did not need to be told this. 

YOUR BODY knew what it needed to do. 

YOUR BODY always knows what your child needs...

YOU have always been responding to your child's emotional and physical needs from your own natural internal instincts. 

YOU were the one to feel the intensity of their cries when your body was responding with an increasing heartrate and shock when woken multiple times in the night. 

A parent and child connection is a bond that is instinctive. 

YOUR reactions are based on theirs.


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The 5 Keys to having Strong Bouncebackability!

How's your Bouncebackability? 

It's certainly been a very challenging time for us all, with the need to find SUPER INNER RESILIENCE! 

But how?

Do you sometimes just find yourself feeling overwhelmed, exhausted from uncertainty or trying but not seeming to find your way through the fear, the anxiety or the overwhelm? 

Does it seem easier to consume more information rather than step into creation? 


In fact, creativity really does come in waves, like the ocean. 

When you feel the wave, ride it and enjoy the energy it brings. 

When the tide is out, give yourself permission to rest and reflect.

Just know, another wave will always come! 

So that said, here are 5 KEYS to having STRONG BOUNCEBACKABILITY! 


Easier said than done right? But so true!

Because really, I like to keep perspective on my existence to help me out with this one - I am one tiny grain of sand...

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How to Relieve Anxiety - 30 Min Anxiety Relieving Ritual

Do you ever feel just totally disconnected with yourself, others and sprung tightly like a coil?

Do you want that feeling to disappear?

Is it holding you back from being the best you can be?

Are you ready to commit to yourself EVERY DAY? Wait...did you literally just think 'oh f*ck, have I got time for this? I can't commit to anything every day because I'm too busy! 

Trust me, in this blog post, I will reveal to you my very own personal, daily self-care ritual that is easy to do every day and it has to be!

I run 3 businesses and raising a 5 year old as a single mum! 

I know busy, I know overwhelm, I know anxiety, I know how it feels to just want to hide. 

In this post, I will share with you how I relieved my anxiety once and for all using my 30 Minute Anxiety Releasing Ritual:

  • Tapping & Vibrations
  • Breathing 3, 4, 5
  • Reflexology
  • Emotional Aromatherapy
  • Grounding
  • Yoga
  • Affirmations & Crystals

Why Connection and Consistency is KEY to Relieving Anxiety

Before I...

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Working in a COVID-SECURE Way

Delighted to now be in a position to update you all on how I will be working in a COVID-SECURE way going forward. 

The UK Government announced on July 9th 2020, that our professional Industry will re-open again from July 22nd. 

I am now accepting August bookings for Reflexology only at this time. I have assessed this Therapy to be the safest therapy for both of us. As and when further restrictions can be lifted, I will be able to open up further treatments. Hopefully by September.

As a full member of the Association of Reflexologists, you are assured that I work professionally, safely and to the highest standard. 

I proudly advertise the official AOR stamp of membership + working in a Secure Covid Safe way.

I have completed all the necessary training and updates to my work environment to ensure you're safe in my care, including the completion of the latest Barbicide Certificate for working during times of infection control. 

Detailed guidance for your treatments...

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A little bit about me and my story

Samantha Jane
My Treatment Room @ Glencarse Home Farm, Glencarse, Perth, Scotland


Welcome to Samantha Jane Reflexology.

It is both my passion and pleasure to share with you alternative, complementary therapies to promote inner healing by restoring balance and harmony to your mind and body.

Observing how our new world is changing at a pace, a pace much faster than evolution of the human body can cope with, it is essential, now more than ever that we learn how to use natural materials and methods, along with massage techniques, thousands of years old to support our bodies. 


Physical connection is vital for optimal health and survival.

I help coach busy, overwhelmed mum to relax, balance and revive themselves and their children, alleviating both internal and external stresses, returning you back to your natural equilibrium, to protect you from stress which can cause illness.

I have created BETTER BEDTIMES - My unique blended 8 Week Signature Online...

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Do you want BETTER BEDTIMES? FREE 3 PART Mini Series


I help busy parents improve sleep, bedtime routines, behaviour, connection, health and Wellbeing with Reflexology massage. It's powerful and it works...why? Chemicals!

Do you want to transform your health & wellbeing for every family member? I will always remember when one parent stated;

'I used to dread bedtimes, but now they're the best part of my day!'

In this FREE 3 Part Mini Series you will learn some powerful Reflexology moves to do with your family, safely in your own home, which let's face it, right now, we could all do it's FREE!

1. Part 1 - Calming Difficult Emotions

2. Part 2 - Can't Sleep/Won't Sleep

3. Part 3 - The Power of Connection
What are the benefits to me?
  • Improved Connection for ALL family relationships (this is NOT just for kids)
  • Improved Sleep
  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety
  • Improved Health, Wellbeing & Circulation
  • ...
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Samantha Jane
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