How to help your child sleep more easily and deeply every night and reduce feelings of anxiety

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Part 1 - Calming Difficult Feelings

Part 2 - Can't sleep/won't sleep

Part 3 - The Power of Connection

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In easy steps I’ll show you a powerful Reflexology routine that you can use in just 15 minutes per day to improve sleep, reduce stress and reduce anxiety with your children today.

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The benefits to you and your child, plus reviews below. 

Discover how to…

  • Relax your child so they go to sleep more easily, and then sleep more deeply


  • Calm them down when they’re angry, distressed or unhappy


  • Improve their sense of security and emotional connection to you (which can in turn help bedwetting and nightmares).


  • Help your child’s body produce more 'happy chemicals’, reducing stress and anxiety


  • Boost their immunity and improve circulation


  • Stimulate the parts of your child’s nervous system responsible for hormonal balance and brain development

Part #1: Calming Difficult Feelings

Part #2: Can't Sleep/Won't Sleep

Part #3: The Power of Connection

FREE BONUS #4 Hand Reflexology Routine


BONUS – as an additional free bonus, I’ll show you an easy ‘hand reflexology’ method for children who don’t like their feet being touched. It’s a really quick way to soothe and calm them when things get hectic.  

Samantha Rix BEd MAR

A mum, Certified Educator, Family Health & Wellbeing Coach and Clinical Reflexologist - 

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"I’ve been doing Sam’s reflexology course with my two daughters and we are all loving it. The girls are so chilled by the end of each session and sleep extremely well. I love that I am learning skills to help them relax and ease anxiety. It’s a wonderfully bonding experience. Sam is a very patient teacher and so generous with her knowledge. I would highly recommend signing up for this course."

Fiona Owen

"As well as working with me and my colleagues to train us in peer massage for children, which was excellent and one of the best CPD trainings with 100% Positive feedback from staff, Sam did a great reflexology session with me this morning! Absolutely fabulous 🥰"

Lauren Budd

"After coming to your reflexology classes with Ayla - she started to ask for me to massage her feet every night at bed time. I loved massaging her feet and would encourage anyone to attend your classes if their little ones struggle with their emotions . Another monumental step forward is she is sleeping in her own room/ bed again and I think reflexology helped aid her to have a calm mind before bed. I used to have Reflexology 6 years ago and to be honest after reflexology session 1 with Sam I am kicking myself why I left it so long. Sam is really easy to chat too and I truly believe she is gifted in her healing abilities. I cannot wait for my next Reflexology session and relaxation to follow. Self care is a high priority and I would recommend Sam to anyone. 🙌💓😚x"

Lois Scobie

"I’ve been attending Samantha Jane’s Reflexology class for parents and children with my daughter, 10 and my son, 6. Sam has been so accommodating and understanding as taking two children probably isn’t ideal but it’s been made to work which I’m delighted about. Both of them have enjoyed the class lots and are excited when Monday comes round for the next one. It’s been totally fascinating to learn the parts of your feet that affect different parts of your body. The kids have felt it super relaxing and even though I’m the one who has been doing it, I’ve been hugely relaxed afterwards too! Bonus! A great skill to learn and use at home, I’d thoroughly recommend it and Samantha Jane is such a wonderful tutor. Easy to understand and always happy to answer any extra queries."

Claire Milne

"I used to dread bedtimes, but after doing Sam's Reflexology Course for Parents and Children, bedtimes are now the best part of my day! Sam has really made a huge difference to our lives with her training in Family Massage, more than she realises. "

Ione Russell

"I've been taking my daughter to Sam's parent and child Reflexology Classes. It is such a beautiful way to connect with your child. My little girl loves it and even asked my to 'do sequence 2' this week. It really seems to help her relax and sleep and as an added bonus, she even practices some of the moves on me! Highly recommended! Sam is a wonderful teacher who really sets a great pace and her teaching background shows through in spades. "

Claire Standen

"I have two boys aged 7 and 3. My youngest has had bowel issues pretty much since he was a few weeks old and this has resulted in awful temper tantrums from him and stress for us all. I had post natal depression stemming from this and so I didn't have much of a relationship with him.  Doing Samantha's parent and child course has enabled us to build a much closer relationship because we can spend quiet and relaxed 1-1 time together which we just couldn't do before. He didn't sit for the entire time - he's 3, but he is able to chill out much more than ever before.  Samantha's calmness and understanding meant I didn't stress that he wasn't sitting down the whole time and she still supported me to learn even without the little feet to rub. The relationship I have with my youngest is so much closer now, I love spending time with him and he doesn't seem to be in the pain that he was before. An added bonus is that I can also use techniques learned on my older son who thoroughly enjoys his quality time spent with a happy and calm mummy, plus he enjoys using the techniques on Mummy! Score! "

Claire Beatson