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Samantha Jane Reflexology & Complementary Therapies

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REFLEXOLOGY and Complementary Therapies to promote inner healing by restoring balance and harmony to your mind and body.




Welcome to Samantha Jane Reflexology. I currently offer CLINICAL REFLEXOLOGY and a range of wonderful COMPLEMENTARY THERAPIES from my own treatment room throughout the week, situated within the beautiful countryside of Glencarse, with Perth's stunning hills as a backdrop. A wonderful way to start your session by driving through the fields to our Steading.
Perth, Scotland - Serving Perth, Glencarse, St. Madoes, Errol, Bridge of Earn, Dundee, Tayside areas.

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KEY Health & Wellness Benefits

Reflexology & Massage

Reflexology and Massage encourages deep relaxation by activating our parasympathetic nervous system, releasing endorphins and combating issues such as emotional or physical stress, anxiety & overwhelm.

Reflexology & Acupressure Tension release massage stimulates key reflex points on the body, unblocking pain, tension and toxin build up, improving blood and lymph circulation.

The truth, we live on auto-pilot and we do not know how much pain we are in until somebody touches us. Reflexology & Massage is essential to emotional & physical balance, allowing the body to return to its natural state of homeostasis after shock, fear, trauma, stress or any difficult lifestyle habits or experiences. 

""Very intuitive, empathetic and patient practitioner, clearly has a passion and in-depth knowledge of her complementary therapies and cares very much about an individually tailored experience for every client. Felt very safe and relaxed in Sam’s care. Highly recommend Samantha as a therapist, particularly if it’s your first time or you’re nervous. Very calming personality. Looking forward to trying more of her treatments. ✯✯✯✯✯"

Fiona Wilson
Client 2019

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