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BETTER BEDTIMES - Online Family Coaching Course

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Transform your Family Health & Wellbeing with Reflexology. Try it today with my free 3 Part Series. Learn a simple foot & hand reflexology routine to help calm feelings, improve sleep and release stress and tension.

Samantha Jane Reflexology & Complementary Therapies


Better Bedtimes - Unique Online Family Coaching Course

Helping busy families improve family health, wellbeing, connection, sleep & behaviour with Reflexology


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REFLEXOLOGY and Complementary Therapies to promote inner healing by restoring balance and harmony to your mind and body.




Welcome to Samantha Jane Reflexology. I currently offer CLINICAL REFLEXOLOGY and a range of wonderful COMPLEMENTARY THERAPIES from my own treatment room throughout the week, situated within the beautiful countryside of Glencarse, with Perth's stunning hills as a backdrop. A wonderful way to start your session by driving through the fields to our Steading.
Perth, Scotland - Serving Perth, Glencarse, St. Madoes, Errol, Bridge of Earn, Dundee, Tayside areas.

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KEY Health & Wellness Benefits

Reflexology & Massage

Reflexology and Massage encourages deep relaxation by activating our parasympathetic nervous system, releasing endorphins and combating issues such as emotional or physical stress, anxiety & overwhelm.

Reflexology & Acupressure Tension release massage stimulates key reflex points on the body, unblocking pain, tension and toxin build up, improving blood and lymph circulation.

The truth, we live on auto-pilot and we do not know how much pain we are in until somebody touches us. Reflexology & Massage is essential to emotional & physical balance, allowing the body to return to its natural state of homeostasis after shock, fear, trauma, stress or any difficult lifestyle habits or experiences. 

""Very intuitive, empathetic and patient practitioner, clearly has a passion and in-depth knowledge of her complementary therapies and cares very much about an individually tailored experience for every client. Felt very safe and relaxed in Sam’s care. Highly recommend Samantha as a therapist, particularly if it’s your first time or you’re nervous. Very calming personality. Looking forward to trying more of her treatments. ✯✯✯✯✯"

Fiona Wilson

"I’ve been attending Sam’s reflexology classes with my two daughters and we are all loving it. The girls are so chilled by the end of each session and sleep extremely well. I love that I am learning skills to help them relax and ease anxiety. It’s a wonderfully bonding experience. Sam is a very patient teacher and so generous with her knowledge. I would highly recommend signing up for this course."

Fiona Owen

"A regular client of Samantha’s now, it’s the highlight of my week, every week! Having missed my visits so much during lockdown, I’ve been watching Sam’s live videos and practicing a couple of reflexology moves myself at home. I then decided to purchase the facial balm and have to say it’s already one of the most beautiful and cherished products on my dressing table! Amazing product, as great as anything I’ve ever purchased at twice the price, and to know it’s been made especially for me; that’s just priceless ❤️"

Emma Simpson

"I have had the pleasure of getting a trauma massage from Samantha and it was wonderful. I felt so relaxed, I drifted off to sleep during it and felt so light afterwards. Samantha made me feel very welcome and has such a lovely calming presence about her. I absolutely love the products that I have got from Samantha. *The foot balm is wonderful, nice fresh minty and zesty fragrance to it. I have even given my 2 tear old daughter a relaxing foot massage using the foot balm and she was so chilled out afterwards. *The relaxing roll on is fab, easy to pop in your bag and have on hand to roll on and have a relaxing aroma to ease stress. I've also been using the roll on in the evenings to help aid my little one to sleep and to relax, and it seems to be working which is great because her getting off to sleep in these times have been terrible. *The lip balm is lovely and lasts for ages, so you don't need to keep reapplying. *I've been using the inhaler in times of significant stress, and I have noticed a big difference in my mood after using it. This is also compact and easy to carry around with you. *The body oil smells amazing and applies all over the body very well. I would highly recommend Samantha's services and products 🥰👍🏻"

Laura Souter

"Thank you so much for my 2 hours of pure bliss! I had the 2 hour full holistic package and can fully recommend it. Samantha really made me feel comfortable and I loved my treatment, although the 2 hours flew by, I felt so relaxed at the end. I will definitely return for further treatments and highly recommend anyone thinking of having an Indian head massage 💆‍♀️ full body massage and reflexology 🦶it’s fab xx"

Rebekah Hindley

"“So...at first I was sceptical about how an all over body balm would have any benefit to my dry flaky skin. I've used Epiderm, Aveeno and various other products over the years. Within three applications of Sam's body balm on my worst areas of eczema (knees and elbows), I could already see and feel a difference. The are was soft and no longer flaking with the affected area reducing in size daily. I couldn't recommend the product enough and with the small amount needed per application, the pot will last for a long (a nice glass pot too)! I love it and it smells amazing! I ordered her calm and relaxing blend to help calm my skin. ”"

Ashley Kilpatrick

"I’ve been attending Samantha Jane’s Reflexology class for parents and children with my daughter, 10 and my son, 6. Sam has been so accommodating and understanding as taking two children probably isn’t ideal but it’s been made to work which I’m delighted about. Both of them have enjoyed the class lots and are excited when Monday comes round for the next one. It’s been totally fascinating to learn the parts of your feet that affect different parts of your body. The kids have felt it super relaxing and even though I’m the one who has been doing it, I’ve been hugely relaxed afterwards too! Bonus! A great skill to learn and use at home, I’d thoroughly recommend it and Samantha Jane is such a wonderful tutor. Easy to understand and always happy to answer any extra queries."

Claire Milne

"Ayla gets a mini foot reflex every night at her request following Sam's classes and she absolutely loves it. I used to have Reflexology 6 years ago and to be honest after reflexology session 1 with Sam I am kicking myself why I left it so long. Sam is really easy to chat too and I truly believe she is gifted in her healing abilities. I cannot wait for my next Reflexology session and relaxation to follow. Self care is a high priority and I would recommend Sam to anyone 🙌💓😚x"

Lois Scobie

"As well as working with me and my colleagues to train us in peer massage for children, Sam did a great reflexology session with me this morning! Absolutely fabulous 🥰 Her CBD training with my school staff was an absolutely fantastic experience. The training exactly suited our needs and staff now feel confident to deliver the training to our children. "

Lauren Budd

"I took part in Sam's Peer Massage CPD Training Course in my school and it was the most looked forward to and relaxing CPD training ever done! After trying it out with the children in my class, they loved it. I would definitely recommend this to other schools. "

Alison Cuthbert

"Best CPD ever!!! Very relaxing, fascinating and beneficial! I would highly recommned any courses lead by Sam. "

Kim Stewart

"Having had two Reflexology sessions from Samantha I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking to spend a bit of time looking after themselves. Samantha is very knowledgeable and confident in her field. She has a knack of putting you at ease and I felt 100% safe in her hands. My second session in particular was very powerful and I felt a huge release of emotion afterwards. I'm looking forward to trialling hot stone therapy from Samantha this week :-) x"

Alison Clark

"I cannot recommend Samantha Jane's Aromatherapy Balm products highly enough. Not only are they excellent quality, even packaged in quality aromatherapy glass, but the results are simply fantastic. I am always looking for organic, natural ingredients and my skin has never felt so good. It's better than other products costing twice the price if not more. The amount you receive also lasts a very long time. I am absolutely delighted! "

Angie Worth

"Samantha Jane's Aromatherapy Foot Balm is blissful! Spa product quality and made to my own scent & oil preferences - what more could you ask for? Easily absorbed and made an immediate difference. I'll be buying again, for me and for friends. "

Kate Davie

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